Friday Funsies (Blue loves to end words with “ies”)

I am so dang busy – with barely enough time to blog – but plenty to blog about! So I’m going to give it to you in little vignettes of fun.

Twinkletoes is back at college. She’s made the cut into a very prestigious biology program (read:nerdy). Today she shared that in one of their classes the get to know you exercise included sharing a nerdy moment. Hers? “I took the book Elegant Universe to read on the beach.” I love my Twinkletoes.

Flower has arrived and is settling in quite well. She’s a tall, silly, smiley, and sometimes reserved little/big girl. I’m remembering now that 12 year old girls are both littles and biggies – so I’m straddling the age range here with Flower. It’s new, it’s different, and she’s fabulous!  2 days of school under her belt and she came home from school today to with this feedback: 

Me: How was school today? 

Her: So good!

Me: Tell me why?

Her: All the peoples are so nice!

Flower has had some new experiences. We’re documenting and sharing for her reading family and fans in Hungary!  Flower’s sister, Smoothie (her favorite from years ago is the Vivanno at Starbucks)  is here too. She’s helping Flower settle in and grabbing a little time to herself during our rare but cherished ’empty house moments.’ She is Twinkletoe’s age-mate – and I love this girl like my own. Yep. True. I’ve just reminded myself to take her to Starbucks tomorrow and then I think I’ll spoil her with a pedicure. Smoothie deserves some TLC. I intend to provide it. She’s a remarkable young woman. I’m lucky to have her and her sister here. 

Waffles has embarked on  his last year of high school with a surprisingly challenging senior year course selection. Hmmmm? Last week he got a real treat when Honduras called (his host brother, to be precise) to let him know…THE SOCCER JERSEYS ARRIVED. Totally cool moment for him. You know what ‘senior’ implies, right? College apps. Yep, that’s going to be the story of the fall season – college apps.

Speaking of seniors, Songbird is a senior in college. She’s busy – busy – busy. She’ll graduate with a double major in anthropology and biology – and I imagine applications are in her future (and I know there is quite a bit of dancing on her ‘card’ too).  I know for a fact she’s missing her dear, sweet, beloved Ecuador something fierce. I hear her say she’s going back. Next summer.  I think she will/is/can/must.

Clementine (D’s “childwhisperer”) is back at school too. He was around A LOT this summer, and we’re already missing him. I admit it, both me and Blueberry are missing ‘our Clementine.’ Blue told someone today, who asked how Clemetine’s doing, “He’s my Clementine!” Clementine is in his second year of college. He’s rockin’ it. On the other hand, my recycling isn’t making its way into the garage nearly as often, and Blueberry isn’t getting his fill of high lifts and tummy tickles.

Speaking of Blueberry, he’s pretty well into his ownership of all of us and everything around him (see above comment). The kid is growing like a weed, commanding everyone around him, engaging the world around him, and making a serious mess everywhere he goes. LOVE HIM!

Mr. SillyPants and I are busy keeping all the threads of our home together. It’s the work of love. It’s the work of family. I’m so happy I’m doing this work with him. (I think we all are!).  There is more to write, but right now I’m keeping kids front and center. It’s enough (but not everything, know what I mean?).  Keep an eye out for “those” posts – cuz they are comin.

(our self portraits are always an examination of nostrils and eyeballs…and they make us laugh!)


One response to “Friday Funsies (Blue loves to end words with “ies”)

  1. You have such a cool family (my fingers have muscle memory from typing this before I’m sure) Love the family update!

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