Plumpy’Nut – It’s our 3rd Annual Campaign for Doctors Without Borders!

As many of you know, I support/cheer/organize an annual fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders as part of the Janus Charity Challenge & Ironman Wisconsin competition.

This is an amazing fundraising opportunity in which Ironman athletes compete to raise funds for their chosen charity – top fundraisers receive additional charity dollars from Janus (as in, Janus Funds). Not one penny of your donation goes to the athlete, the Ironman event, or Team Plumpy’Nut – it ALL goes to Doctors Without Borders. 

This is a direct, effective, immediate way to support children suffering from serious malnutrition in Ethiopia, in Niger, in Chad, in Pakistan, in Sri Lanka…and the list goes on. This year, our effort coincides with a Doctors Without Borders campaign to raise awareness about the global nutritional crisis with their “Starved For Attention” media campaign. :

Team Plumpy’Nut takes our support of this life saving nutrition seriously. In our recent conversations with Doctors Without Borders we learned that it costs $50 to provide a 6 week supply of this nutritionally dense food to save the  life of a child (last year the cost was $40 – but supplies and cost have increased). If you don’t know about Plumpy’Nut, and you want to learn about it, there is a great piece on this ‘ready to eat’ food source on the MSF website:  and a  CBS news piece here.  You might like to read this – How a small amount of food can make a big difference!

Finally, and importantly, please visit our athlete’s donation page and make  your contribution to Doctors Without Borders NOW! $50 can provide a six week supply of Plumpy’Nut – YOUR DONATION can literally save a starving child from death. Please consider making a donation to save the life of a child!  Donate here:  We make a difference – one donation at a time!

Team Plumpy’Nut thanks you for your support and encouragement in our yearly fundraising campaign! YOU ROCK!


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