Full House

It’s a busy week in our household since all the biggies are home. To make our full house even more festive, cuz “Inkwell” (his pseudonym) and Aunt C are here! Inkwell is here for a week, Aunt C is just swinging through for a quick weekend visit.

This is super special for us because Inkwell is Waffle’s agemate and best bud since…well, since the beginning. And, Aunt C ranks as my ultimate favorite Aunt. The deal is made sweeter because this is the first time Aunt C has met Blueberry.

We’ve made the most of our time together. Right after Inkwell arrived from his sunny CA home, we took the boat out and had some fun swimming and frolicking in the lake. The kids did a lot of silly jumping and swimming and laughing and floating. It was so much fun to be together out on the water – one of our favorite local spaces, compliments of our hard working boat captain, Mr. Silly Pants, who snuck in a great slalom ski with me at the wheel.

Aunt C arrived Friday afternoon, in time to see a nice storm blow in and welcome her nephews (great nephews, to be accurate) home from a hot afternoon ride to and from the beach. We had a big family meal and then the kids raced out of the house with plans to buy lots of ice cream and a new family Game. “Guesstures” and “Rummikub” arrived shortly, along with 4 different flavors of ice cream. All I can say is that 12:45 a.m. the kids were putting away dirty dishes and heading down to bed. The morning evaluation of games was a big thumbs up.

This morning the crew gathered for biking to the Farmer’s Market for our traditional breakfast/picnic followed by a stroll to the University and the Terrace. The food was fresh and tasty, the feelin’ was fun lovin’! Blueberry is soaking up the attention. Inkwell is an excellent ‘biggie” addition, and Aunt C is, well, she’s Aunt C – always!

 We love having Inkwell and Aunt C here!



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