He’s home from Honduras

(At the family Poperia)Yes, Waffles is home. I’m waaaaaaaaaaay behind on blogging – I’ve been out of town at The Lost Planet (not kidding, it’s a lovely spot in Virginia…but more later on that) and I came home just in time to welcome Waffles home. I’ve got my biggie boy home. Let me tell you how happy I was to wrap my arms around his “all grown up and went out there and did it on my own” person. I had a little bit of trouble letting go of him because he felt like a perfect combination of boy and man to me. It is a magical experience to parent a child who grows into a young man and emerges from an experience in a way that nearly allows for the transformation to be tangible. It’s hard to explain. Perhaps you can see it in his amazing smile. Can you?

Magical, too, are these photos Waffles shared with me today. He identifies them as representative of his 7 weeks in Aguacatal, Honduras. I blogged a bit about the community in an earlier post – and now I present you with these images from Waffles himself.

(His family-a sampling of the playmates)  (His dance crew – includes brothers, sisters, cousins, etc…)(Performing at a local fiesta in the nearest city)(The school and the kids)

(One of many local waterfalls)(After the dance with his little brother Javier)

(This little man got a lot of attention from Waffles. Antony is his little cousin who is being sponsored by an American Hospital for necessary heart surgery this fall. Waffles was Antony’s main man while in Aguatacal. We hope we can send Waffles to TX this fall to stay with Antony for comfort and courage) 

There is a blog post waiting to be written by Waffles – and we’ll collaborate on some details. But, I couldn’t wait to put some of these images up on the blog because they make me smile too.  I love this kid like crazy. It is an honor to witness his amazing heart. I am humbled by his compassion, his kindness, and the smile that greets everyone who crosses his path. At 17, Waffles is all that I had ever dreamed my boy could be while on the journey of his “becoming.”


6 responses to “He’s home from Honduras

  1. What a kid! Nice work Mama.

  2. Betcha he’s blushing reading your kind mama words! Great pictures. Going to be interesting for him to re-acclimate to American life I would imagine.

  3. That’s the biggest, most open smile I’ve ever seen from him… and he smiles plenty. Someone was in his element.

  4. Waffles himself

    Haha, I love my mommy. Thanks for the awaome post. One correction. On the 2nd to last pic, it’s Denis on my shoulders, not javi. But I love em both. Mom, keep up the awaome blog and I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon (I’m busy with Ron all morning)

  5. Meghan, this brought tears to my eyes. He seems to be an amazing kid/man, and you are right to be proud. I hope I can do as well with my little guy.

  6. Wow. The Waffles-Fan-Club goes global! (I’m partial to the school pic.)

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