The Biggies Bring It

To celebrate the 1st of August, and to close out a great 2 weeks of vacation, Mr. SillyPants broke out the slip n’ slide. And to be clear, yes, that is our kid with fresh stitches wearing a baggie over his hand. For the record, the bag and tape job didn’t hold. We were told “no water” for the next week, but we’re trying some work arounds. And yes, the biggies, Twinkletoes and Clementine, were bringin’ it!Mr. SillyPants couldn’t resist the fun!


4 responses to “The Biggies Bring It

  1. What about that fake skin/paint on bandaid stuff for stitched up hand? Would that work to keep the water out?

  2. I’m ready for it too! Ooooooh. So much fun! Love the pics.

  3. Lovely. But is it a sign of my urban living that I had no idea what a slip n slide was? Nor have I ever thought of a kiddie splash pool or garden hose? They certainly would make for summer fun.

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