More more more from Ecuador!

Songbird will be home in 3 weeks. Ecuador has been magical for her. She’s working hard, staying warm, and doing some cool kid stuff. In pictures….. 

First, she’s working on a number of projects with her volunteers. On any given day she might:

Be digging trenches for water projects  Or helping kids paint murals

 She’s working on her Kichwa,  finding time for soccer with the local kids, and enjoying local customs, such as eating guinea pig.

There is some free time for play. Always the adventurer, she writes, ” I went PUENTING today….what a rush! 

She goes on to add….”Puenting = I jumped off a bridge head first and swang back and fourth over a raging river before being gently let down and pulled back to the rocky side of the ravine).” Honestly, NO MOTHER should ever have to read such things. However, note the handsome young man running the extreme experience in the picture…he *might* be convincing. 



Finally, she is working on her research project too – I’m not a scientist, but it involves some soil testing. She’s been gathering and measuring soil samples, with a little local help. She might have inspired some local researchers! I hope so.



One response to “More more more from Ecuador!

  1. Oh cool! Great pictures. Que bueno!

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