Ding-a-ling from La Paz!

I don’t like to be phoned when I’m on vacation. I don’t like when someone phones my husband when we’re on vacation. And when we were on vacation, my cell phone rang.  I wondered who in the world would be calling and I nearly walked away…good thing – the call was from WAFFLES! Yeah! He was calling during his mid-term break in La Paz, Honduras. I was so excited to hear his voice, I yelled his name and then fired a slew of questions at my boy. He interupted me to ask, “is my little brother there?” He had to talk to Blueberry first. Then, my biggie son, who has been gone over a month and is volunteering in a remote village in Honduras, gave me some details.  You want details?

  • No electricity anywhere in the village
  • 1 1/2 hike to the nearest bus station used to get anywhere
  • Beautiful waterfalls in the area
  • It’s hot
  • Daily diet includes corn tortillas, beans, rice, and an occassional egg
  • He’s a few hours from La Paz
  • He started a soccer team – uniforms (shirts) were about to arrive
  • His “team” has to hike 40 minutes “straight up” a mountain to the soccer field his team uses/made/improved
  • They are painting the only community building this week
  • He has a 13 yr old host brother with whom he enjoys making little boats and floating them at the waterfall
  • He loves his host family – “father’s” name is Omar
  • His Spanish is getting the job done
  • He told me it has been the best and the worst time of his life BEST=community WORST=never has worked so hard in his life
  • He has to write lesson plans – he likes to do this at the waterfall
  • He has almost no alone time and very little idle time
  • He asked me to PLEASE bring sugar to the airport when I pick him up. “What”, I asked? “Fruit Loops, bring Fruit Loops.” Stock picture of La Paz, Honduras

Can you say transformative? He told me he’s taking a lot of pictures. He’s got a good eye – all my kids do when it comes to photographs. I promise I’ll post pictures when he gets home. This was a GREAT post to inaugurate our new blog site! *smile*

(stock picture of La Paz from a website)


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