PNW, family style

Teaching Blueberry about tide pools and crabs on ‘our island’ at Lagoon Beach
We spent a day in the town in which Mr. SillyPants grew up in WA state and visited one of his special places — Dungeness Spit DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I can’t wait to get back there. When we got to the Spit, we were greeted by a cold and misty morning, an eagle perching above our heads, and a seal’s head peeking out of the ocean. There was drumming, shooting faceless self portraits (hehehehe),
 log walking, and enduring some shivering when not hunkered down.
Mom’s island home was built over a number of years primarily through the labor of Mr. SillyPants and his Dad. Mom lives there now – a quiet and stress free life on the edge of the ocean.
Seattle was a ferry ride away – and we made it there for a day of Children’s Museum fun and the best peaches EVER at the Market. Yum.
Honestly, it was hard to drag ourselves from beach fun, but we’re glad we did.
~ Fort Flagler was our last beach stop – among many…
diggin’ in and lovin’ Island vacation ~
See you next year!

3 responses to “PNW, family style

  1. So much fun to be had, you lost your heads. šŸ™‚ Were you not missing faces, I think you just might have had your holiday card photo taken care of in July.

  2. Looks like a great trip!Love the half picture šŸ™‚

  3. So much beach fun for you all. Next year we'll see YOU here!

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