Mulberry Friday

The annual ripening of the mulberry tree always reminds me of the biggies and their California cousins. Every summer the kids would grab buckets and walk to the park to this very tree to pick loads of mulberry’s, swat at mosquitoes, and avoid the raspberry thorns. The tradition continues except that now I live right next to the mighty mulberry tree. We’ll make a pie soon – mulberry and clove pie – just like Mom did for all those years. Vanilla ice cream is a mandatory addition.


3 responses to “Mulberry Friday

  1. Muberry and CLOVE! Oh dear gods and goddesses. Never thought of combining them, and yet it sounds entirely correct.YUMMMMMM…Please feel free to FedEx some to NH.

  2. will you be bringing said pie to the sefara?

  3. such a great photo!

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