Why we do this

Mr. Sillypants here, taking a few moments away from my coffee-making duties to add a few comments to my lovely wife’s description of our Apple Store experience (detailed oh so beautifully below). 

I’ve had a chance to reflect on today’s outing, both before and after it took place.  I think it’s fair to say that each of us felt that kaliedoscope of swirling emotions beforehand – – – anticipation of the upcoming experience, excitement about the chance to make a statement about Conflict Free legislation, commitment to the idea of raising awareness of the unspeakable horrors which are commonplace to those innocents living in these war-torn areas of conflict . . .

I know I was also nervous about what kind of reaction we’d receive; I wondered if the store manager would be callous or dismissive, I wondered what reaction (if any) we’d receive from patrons or passersby.  As you have likely read already, our experience was very positive, and I find myself even more energized about the chance to do more, to make the most of those opportunities which are all around me.

In the short amount of time since my lovely Ms. Plum suggested and organized this effort (and served as our cheerleader and guide), I’ve had a chance to reflect a bit more, some of which occurred while our amazing Blueberry was running and jumping with wild abandon at the local splash park:

(Photo courtesy of Ms. Plum)
Since our outing this morning, I’ve had many chances to reflect of the amazing richness which has come into my life, largely because of the efforts and passion of those of you who share this global consciousness.  Although I celebrate daily the fire, compassion and sense of social responsibility which is a way of life for Ms. Plum, those of you who carry out these good works in your daily lives, who post powerful and often heartbreaking commentary on the work which is yet to be done, who offer guidance, support and perspective, well, you should know that your passion and fire is an inspiration to us, as well.
Truly, we are better in our lives because of the things you do in yours.  Thank you for this.
When Songbird and I got in the car after our trip to the Apple Store, we wondered aloud what would become of our letter to Steve Jobs – – – would it actually be “sent on to the appropriate people,” or would it end up in the recycling bin as soon as the store manager saw us leave?  (For the record, I have a sense he’ll send it on, just like he promised.)  Songbird and I both discussed our hope that “something good would come out of it.”
Truthfully, “something good has already happened.”  This effort has given me yet another opportunity to think about something bigger than my silly little life, something much more vital than the endless chores which face me every day or even the endless joy from mornings spent kicking a soccer ball with Blueberry.  This trip to the Apple Store caused me to set my sights again on suffering, on inequality, on priviledge – – – and on my responsibility to do what I can to change it, by doing the work I can each and every day.
So, even if our letter never makes it to Steve Jobs, the impact of our effort has been felt and my life has changed.  And, my life continues to change whenever I hear of *your* efforts, *your* good works.
Mother Teresa once said, “We can do no great things.  We can only do small things with great love.”  Let us all continue to search for and act on those small moments, every day, when we can make a difference.

One response to “Why we do this

  1. Oh good! I love it when Mr. Sillypants weighs on the goings on of your family. I laughed when I saw he gave photo credits just like a real reporter!

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