Other Mothers, Other Realms

Mother’s Day
It’s a bittersweet day for me.
In our home we celebrate multiple mothers – our own mothers and importantly,
Blueberry’s firstmom and caregiver.

This is Mr. Sillypant’s mom. She lives in Washington state, on a beautiful island in a home overlooking the Sound.  We miss her on this Mother’s Day and imgaine she is tending the plants in her garden, perhaps reading and enjoying the wildlife in her backyard as the salty breeze blows off of the Sound. She is the mother in our lives in this realm – Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

Today my heart is linked in a special way to 2 courageous women in Ethiopia. Their love allowed me to be a mom to this lovely little boy. It’s hard to know why Blue’s firstmom couldn’t care for him, but I know that deep love of her son brought him into a special person’s tukul, where he was cherished, named, cared for, and tenderly delivered into our life. My prayer today is that Blueberry’s firstmom knows somehow that he is a sparkling beauty whose energy and vigor reflects all that she must have dreamed he would be; may he shine his light in her honor. And, to Amarech, my hope is that she knows her care of our son brought him into our lives – she is the first caregiver whose face and smile we know. The words we were told, “She is amazing and strong woman” will be the legacy we share with Blueberry. We honor these women who through difficult circumstances and with odds against them, brought us our littlest son.
And, my mother, who is doing her work from the other realm, must know that every day I aspire to be the mom she was to me.  Her life is a testimony to the power of love for her family and her friends. The way she lived, even as she was dying, inspired me to be better, to do better, to love better. 
Mom, you would be so proud of the kids – I know you see their bright and shiny lives.We’ll remember you today with talk of flowers – lilacs and forsythia – and with potted preschool plants and pansies. And there will be tea in  your teacups…and we will probably cry because we love you and we miss you.
 This image captures your essence – joyful mother and grandmother. 
Who I am and how I am is in honor of you, mom.
 ~You are ~
So beloved. So missed.
*there aren’t words – and words can’t speak the experience of being this woman’s daughter, so please forgive how much I can’t say with words*

3 responses to “Other Mothers, Other Realms

  1. Beautifully written and powerful, my love. Thanks for honoring mothers in your post today – – – and for being such an amazing mother each and every day.

  2. What a great post. I agree, it is beautiful.

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