Cranes — No Heavy Lifting Involved

Every once in awhile Mother Nature honors us with an extra special look at her beauty.  Blueberry and I had just said goodbye to our much loved playgroup moms and kids  and as we entered our playroom there were two Sandhill Cranes strolling along our back bank of windows. They made their way across and around our yard, settling in for some nibbles in the front yard. Blue and I settled on the front step and had a lovely interaction with the Sandhill pair. I wish I had the stronger lens on the camera – but these will have to do.  We were more interested in the experience than in documenting it with the best lens.  I love these graceful birds. Now Blueberry does too.

4 responses to “Cranes — No Heavy Lifting Involved

  1. amazing. so graceful and beautiful.

  2. Wow, what a treat! I love to share the wonders of our world with my kids. Lovely.

  3. i wish there was a photo contest somewhere you could enter. this is so amazing!!!!

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