Rear View Mirror

We need some groceries big time around here. Somehow the weekend came and went without a meal plan and without the efforts of Mr. Silly Pants to stock the shelves with goodness and nutrition. Thus, Blue and I made it a Whole Foods Whole Paycheck day. We were driving in the sunshine after having played outside on our deck in our fleece sweatshirts and boots – a welcome spring event. We even trudged over to the park bench and had a “sit”; scooping up melting snow we giggled and laughed and watched the warm snow melt in our hands.

I looked into my rear view mirror and had one of those breath-taking moments; I saw his perfectly deep brown almond shaped eyes looking right into mine. *Gasp* I thought,

We grabbed a cart and enjoyed shopping and talking…somewhere near the pasta, I paused, overcome. I looked at Blueberry, leaned into him, gently kissed his cheek and whispered, “I couldn’t love you more.” Right at that moment a mother wheeled around the corner with a matching 2 year old in her cart, witnessing my intimate moment with my son. Caught red handed loving my little one – she gave me a tender and delightful smile. WE both proceeded to shop, not a word between us – but a knowing look that spoke volumes. 
*My cart is full* 

I wanted to record this because it was so simple, and so sweet and so absolutely PURE and TOTAL.

ETA: Job situation –

Thanks for all the great comments. I wanted to say that because of structural/institutional stuff at my HS, job sharing isn’t an option. Our department has had staff reductions and my personal bid for part time isn’t going to get supported. It’s really an all or nothing question for this particular gig – this year, anyway. In a time of budget cuts (big ones this year, bigger next year) the scenario isn’t good for part time work UNLESS the FTE’s fall just right. This year they don’t. Your thoughts are good ones, friends. I’m all over the friendly advice, and I really appreciate the empathetic “me too’s” in the crowd. Thank you.  
(photo is of Blue practicing his “surprised” look – an eyebrow lift Songbird taught him)


4 responses to “Rear View Mirror

  1. Sweet Post : )I hope that you are able to work something out that will make all of you happy. Sending good thoughts.

  2. awwwwwww! Love the grocery store moment! *sniff sniff*What about teaching at a community college? Also, I have a friend who used to teach in a high school, but then had the budget cut (he teaches Latin which is not considered important). Anyway, he found a job teaching at a 'virtual school' and can do it in his pajamas. The funny thing is, the work environment is so far superior to his job at the 'real school' but so is the pay.

  3. Find your bliss and just hold on. Best wishes as you navigate the decision waters.

  4. Yes! Here's to at least another year of time to BE WITH OUR KIDS! To hell with the rest…

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