I got words on Wordless Wednesday

Yep, I got words on Wordless Wednesday. I’ve been in the grip of trying to get my thryoid on track. It’s been about 12 months of trying. Monday I scooted into the lab for a quick blood draw. I knew something was up then the results didn’t come up on my chart mid-day – I should have access to ‘normal’ labs in real time – so the delay let me know something was up. UP UP UP. Dang, I’m at a TSH of 9 – which is the highest my TSH has been (that I know of) – which means that I’ve got a hypo-thyroid deal goin’ on. And my racoon eyes? Yeah, now we know why I look like I have 2 black eyes. And my malaise? 9 – check. And my constant low level body ache? It’s 9. Feeling like my view is always blurry? Um…..9

Somehow knowing I’m at 9 brought the roof down – like HELL YES I FEEL LIKE CRAP. I’m trying to recover from the crush of admitting how freakin’ shitty I actually feel. I’ll be back when I’m back…until then, no promises.


9 responses to “I got words on Wordless Wednesday

  1. :(I am sorry you are feeling lousy.

  2. Yuck. My mom and one of my sisters have hypo-thyroid issues. No fun at all. Sending positive vibes your way!

  3. Ugh, hope you get it under control soon…but at least you have an excuse for feeling crappy, that must feel kind of validating!

  4. Delurking to send some positive vibes your way. I also have hypo-thyroidism and know exactly what you're feeling. Stay on top of it too. I get mine checked every six months and my meds often need to be tweaked. I promise you'll start feeling better in no time.

  5. Stephanie and Cindy and Christina and Liz – thanks so so much. I HATE feeling so crummy, and I've been heaving and hauling myself through this practically "pretending" it's all good – but I really do feel like crap. Stephanie – many thanks for delurking 🙂 I'm touched.

  6. So sorry M. Hoping you are feeling more yourself soon.

  7. boo. hiss. but at least you need the cause and can start treating it.

  8. Here's to the meds working their magic (maybe have already?) and you feeling good again!

  9. Hope you are feeling well soon!

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