It’s been a heck of a long week. Blueberry surprised his daddy on Monday with a double ear infection (happy birthday Daddy), spent a few days not sleeping well, infected both of his parents with cumbersome colds, and slowed the pace around her to a crawl. Don’t, and I mean DON’T look at our kitchen floors. The high chair has an entire lick off meal waiting for a taker, and our paperwork pile looks more like a paper mountain. Our Christmas cards are still sitting on the kitchen counter (I am so not kidding), my lesson plans are off the cuff, the oven is smokin’ from accumulating spills, and the car smells like funk. Not good.

But today, after lotsa days of intensive parenting and some yucky gray weather, I went at it with Blueberry with finesse. Mr. Silly Pants is on call today. He was up and out at daybreak and not due home until after well into the afternoon. After our ususal morning routine of books, trains, a little magic marker “coloring” and some tickling games (with some laundry thrown in the midst), Blueberry was treated to a bucket full of snow. We collected scoops of snow, brought it inside, spread out a towel, and had some indoor snow play. We pulled out picnic dishes, spoons and scoops and just had a blast.

I get my own little mommy medal today for doin’ a good job. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling a little dull all week, and this was just a good morning because I really showed up, depsite the odds.

Oh, and this week I didn’t spend any non-essential funds, even though the tempation for convenience food, diet coke from the $1 machine in school, any little monied pick me up was screamin’ my name all week long.

3 responses to “Momedal

  1. Good job Meghan — the snow in the kitchen looks like a great idea! Have to try that sometime. A's fav these days is to sit in the tub with the water dribbling in.

  2. Here's to next week. May it be filled with something besides mucous.

  3. hang in there. just remember that my kitchen floors will give yours a run for your money ANYTIME.Hadn't gotten a good luck at the haircut until today. Very cute!

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