Just because it will be fun to remember:
‘ruck’ = truck
mine = that is mine and you can’t have it!
op-o = open
i-dit it = I did it, I want to do it, I will do it
mut-mee = muffin
poopy ruck = manure spreader
beep beep = car
wa-wa = water
ips = chips
I = Aria
Deet = Teague
moons = balloons
munmun = Munsee
bow-wow, woof = dog
moooooore = more
up = up and/or down
dat = tag (the name of his blanket because he likes the tag)
E-i = Eli
ook = book
choo choo = train
mas = Thomas
in =  in and/or out
behwr = bear
Emmo = that Red Sesame Street character
appoh = apple
ow = cat/Munsee
eat = eat
Oh Man!
ight = right (as in ‘affirmative’)
mama, daddy
baw = ball
booooots = boots
indere = put in in there/I put it in there
ight = light
wok = work
no = when asked to say Devin’s name, he says’ “no” and laughs
uhk = look/let me look
upup = Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
baa = sheep
neenee = horse
(any or all in 2 word combinations)
*this is the reason why a list should be kept, because I’ll have to add to this as I remember*


4 responses to “Words

  1. Too adorable! I am very excited for you to come to the swim meet in two weeks! As always I love reading the blog and looking at the links…lots to think about and do! Much love!

  2. What a great thing to keep : )

  3. He has his own version of the word for 'manure spreader'???!!!!! LOL!!!! :):)*great idea to keep a list, I need to get one going

  4. What a great word list! What is he calling A & W?

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