Whole Food Fanaticism

Mama Papaya is one inspired woman.  I’m thinking 30 days of nothin’ is a workout, and she’s working on teaching her itty bitties about food; origins, seasons, supply.  Some of us think MamaP is a super mom who outshines the the rest of us. Um…SHE DOES. I’m just sayin’, her ittiest bitty sat on the potty at about 5 months 13 months or so. I kid you not (I couldn’t bear to go through all of her brilliant posts to find the potty posts). Blueberry isn’t even close to potty sitting. But I digress. Nevertheless, many of us are secret haters inspired  and gluttons for more thoughtful challenges.
I gotta admit,  my own admiration for MamaP grows. Tonight at dinner our family found ourselves picking apart our dinner to figure out IF we were eating whole foods what we would have had to have done differently to eat our dinner meal: organic chicken encrusted with ground cashews and topped at the end with a slice of swiss (oh it was yummy!), wild rice out of the box, and organic girl balsamic and berries salad. We ate well. To top it off, tonight features these delicious home baked goods by Twinkleotoes. Twinkletoes is our baker and Waffles has been hoping for a banana cream pie (left) for holiday break. He got it tonight along with sweet little coconut cream cakes that were a fun addition to her “sorry you have to go back to high school tomorrow and I have 3 more weeks of college vacation” treat.
Anyway, I’m doing 30 days on nuttin. Today I went XC skiing with my dear friend. It was free – and we didn’t do our usual coffee stop for gossip and goin’ on.  I missed the apres ski stop, but it was an ok part of our day out. Plus, it was cold cold cold here, so being home meant one less stop and go.
Weigh in…I’m literally gonna do that and go eat some baked goods!

One response to “Whole Food Fanaticism

  1. Blushing, my friend. Want to join in for a month in 2010? I am finding it really rather fascinating to ponder how our food came to our table every time we sit down at the table. How far did it travel? Through how many hands did it pass? Are there lurking ingredients? And seriously, what the hell are some of the ingredients? Probably more corn. I think it is going to be interesting, educational and probably more than a little uncomfortable along the way. Okay, not really selling it with that last one. Good luck with the 30 days. CPS Would your house cleaner be willing to clean someone else’s house with your time? No, not mine. Perhaps someone who just welcomed a child, suffered a hardship or who is struggling to do everything on their own. I have logged many an hour doing yard work for seniors only able to remain independent because they get a little help every now and again. The gift of independence is a mighty big gift. Makes scooping up 6 months of “goodness this dog needs a different food” totally worth it.

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