3 triumphs

1. No stopping at Starbucks as part of the ritual of taking Songbird back to college.

2. No lunch out even though we made the trek back to college in extremely cold weather at lunch time with a selection of the “dregs of the refrigerator” for lunch at home.
3. Dinner made tonight entirely with leftovers and some cupboard standards; grilled steak sliced and warmed, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and whole wheat pasta with Trader Joes thai curry sauce.

Good start for 30 days and some deliberate decision making – oh, I guess I don’t get three triumphs for this, do I? My parents had one when I was born, I guess they sat me on the jump seat when they drove it. It was pale yellow. (I miss my mom and her stories).


One response to “3 triumphs

  1. That is a pretty good day – I say you get at least one Triumph! In, oh, about 29 days give or take.

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