From Hurricane to Skippy – It’s a Toddler Thang!

Tons of balloon play is happening in the house. Blueberry has amazing hand-eye coordination and we celebrate his delight in using his body with balloons. Normally we blow them up and then hit them around the house using a child sized tennis racquet. Blueberry can swing away pretty darn well. Lately he has been experimenting with his hands, feet, and doing headers with a balloon. It’s good stuff and it tires him out.
In my last post I mentioned we were referring to our little boy as “Hurricane.” Somehow, just when I was at the bottom of the barrel this little guy swung  full circle. The other night Mr. Silly Pants commented, “He’s so skippy!” It’s true – and oh my gosh, what a relief! Oodles and oodles of smiles are so much more fun than the alternative. Of course, I know the winds of change are blowin’ – and Blueberry’s doin’ the toddler thang!

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