Communication to The Biggies – Please Read

Dear Twinkletoes, Waffles, and Songbird,

Your little bro is a total hurricane of “NO” and “MINE” and “YOU’RE NOT DOING THAT THE WAY I WANT YOU TO!” (He doesn’t talk, so this message is all conveyed very loudly through yelling, yanking on my arm, pulling my hand, crying, and occassional full body throw downs accompanied by alligator tears).  Seriously, I feel like I am parenting a hurricane! Plan on helping your ‘ol mom out over winter break, K? The well only runneth so deep.

Love, Mommy


7 responses to “Communication to The Biggies – Please Read

  1. Haha. I just told my oldest daughter to stop disappearing during the day!!

  2. You mean Halligator tears? I'm acquainted. Are they up for one more? 😉

  3. Dear Biggies,Please help your mom. I know what of she speaks. If her hurricane has as good an arm as mine, she's been pelted with previously requested but then strongly denied snacks.

  4. I'm ready! 😀 Can't wait! -Songbird

  5. Um, remember when we were about to leave for Ethiopia and you offered the services of your Biggies up to the other families in the travel group? Does that offer still stand? Because we could use some little boy wrangling in this neck of the woods, too. Stat.

  6. Kate, I remember. And, I'm sorry. They're BOOKED! Heh, but come to town and we'll make room for another little hurricane 🙂 Songbird and Twinkletoes are home for a month – perhaps they'll have outgrown the 'hurrican season' by the time January is upon us?

  7. oh friend. my category 4.5 is down for the short night. but i'll send her right over.

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