The bug has now been loaded into the ear

Last night Mr. Silly Pants and I took our Ethiopian friends to a Badger Basketball game. I arranged for 4 tickets (2 sets of 2) so we each enjoyed hosting our same gender counterpart – me with Assefu and him with Sisay.

We both had great nights with our new friends. Let’s just tell it like it is; I like basketball just fine but I sure like talking more. So, Assefu and I talked and talked and yelled over the loud announcer. I’m pretty sure everyone in section 207 knows our son is adopted from Ethiopia, knows my heart aches for the realities of adoption and concern for Blueberry’s identity, and knows I hope to return to Ethiopia to live for some time as soon as my son is old enough to have the benefit of such an experience (I’m thinking kindergarten).

Mr Silly Pants reported he and Sisay talked about volunteering for a month or so. And they watched the basketball a bit more than we did. But they got it goin’ – and I was so happy to hear that. I’ve sort of been the catalyst and my man has been a good partner and participant. But, it’s always better for me if we’re both moving with mutual energy and interest.

Loaded and locked – I know the bug has been loaded into the ear and I expect our conversations will begin to evolve. We now have 2 people with whom we have established a rapport and a professional relationship  (for Mr. Silly Pants as colleague in medicine, in particular).

Yeah, I see us living there. I’m allowing myself to get just a little bit excited by the possibility of this and the vision of my life as changing ……. evolving……….transforming.

That’s it. Transforming.


6 responses to “The bug has now been loaded into the ear

  1. So exciting mom! (and Mr. Silly Pants)!-Songbird

  2. Ha ha – that's how it happens, loading bugs into ears. I've been doing it successfully for going on 10 years now and I love when the bug gets to the brain such that bug recipient thinks the original bug came from his brain!Also, we discuss extended visits – so if you are planted there for awhile a guest quarters would be much appreciated:)

  3. How wonderful! I hope the bug keeps burrowing its way further down into the brain! (umm, gross…)

  4. I think living there for at least a year is a must now that you've imagined it! And, we will come to visit you there (this could be a stop on our driving across Africa trip!) If we're going to dream, let's dream BIG! Life is too short to lead boring lives, it's that simple.

  5. and if you need a nanny and friend you can invite me and lucy!

  6. wow! You inspire me. I really appreciated this post and you give me hope for an exciting (and evolving-exactly) life even after marriage and children, which so many people seem to think is not possible…

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