Through the eyes of 17

Things I have recently learned from my #1 biggie boy, Waffles:
  • Hawthorne is crap
  • Modern Warfare 2 is bigger than Harry Potter, maybe bigger than Star Wars (yeah, right)
  • Cage the Elephant is the best band ever
  • Electric Owls, not Owl
  • Wendy’s is the only place you can get bacon for $1
  • Fly
  • Sweet and Zesty BBQ sauce
  • Mountain Dew and Coke
  • Batman – always Batman
  • eminem is a poet, but the words don’t matter
  • Burton, Volcom
  • Only shirts from places you’ve actually snowboarded yourself
  • Parkour
  • Fringe
  • iphone
  • Soccer
  • NOT a follower

One response to “Through the eyes of 17

  1. That sounds just about right :-)-songbird

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