Needed: Supervisor

20 month old in need of constant supervision. Job skills required: energy, more energy, and a bit more after that. Creativity. Eagle eyes for preventing major injuries. Patience. Fortitude. Flexibility – both physical and emotional. Ability to distract and redirect. Encouragement of creativity, curiosity, exploration, and expression of both small and large motor skills. Emphasis on patience and energy.

3 responses to “Needed: Supervisor

  1. Good one! A sense of humor helps, too! When you find this person can you send them my way?

  2. Send all your extra applicants to my house – you KNOW we don't have any supervision going on here. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I know, only I'm only doing it part time.Ours even wears out my sweet youngster of a husband, who is feeling his age now at 35.We've found the 3 days at week at the JCC, although spendy, to be really amazing for Matthew. It's like preschool, only with phenomenally loving day care type teachers. He comes home happy and tired. And so it's also been amazing for us too, although, spendy. Patrick says it's a helluva lot easier waking at 4:30 and serving the rush crowd at the store for 8 hours than the toddler work.

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