Twinkletoes Dances – the first video on our blog

She dances. I love that she loves dancing. That’s what I had hoped for her – that she would discover the things that move her. This does that – wouldn’t you agree?


3 responses to “Twinkletoes Dances – the first video on our blog

  1. Awesome. She looks stunning and her performance is flawless, her smile is radiant!!Daughters, … you have me in tears imagining the things that with move Tirfe. Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOVELY!!!!*(and the blue gloves with that dress are perfect)

  3. Gorgeous!! That is a very hard number to do, because being rather slow, you can't hide any mistakes–and she really pulled it off. Terrific upper back fluidity, too, which is key for such a dance. And as a die-hard conservative when it comes to choices of dance attire, I SO love the outfit, going with a basic black dress and adding the dance-competition-glitz with accessories and color splash — absolutely the way to go. Oh, what a lovely performance! — mlw

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