Family Rocking Chairs

My mom’s, mine, Songbird’s, now Blueberry’s. I’m having a rough week – who knows. Missing my mom, most of all…feeling a little low, having decisions on the horizon needing some attention, feeling the weight of ethics in IA. Just stuff, we all have it swirling around. Thank goodness the weather has been gorgeous and I’m soaking up the Vitamin D – waiting for a little mood elevation.


3 responses to “Family Rocking Chairs

  1. Adorable picture! Hoping things "feel" better for you next week.

  2. I think we are overdue for a mom's night.

  3. Aw, hang in there. The start of the school year is always a little tough, I think. Discretionary time becomes precious. It HAS been beautiful outside. Let's soak it up while we can.

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