Track Our Plumpy’Nut Athletes!

We raised an AMAZING amount for Doctors Without Borders – our final tally came in at $12,760. We finished in the top 10 and won an additional cash award of $750. Get this, we have provided life saving nutrition to 337 kids. I’m excited, humbled, and feel so fortunate to be part of something this big.

Now, it’s time to come together to cheer on our awesome women Triathletes!

Tomorrow, the two women who agreed to represent Team Plumpy Nut will finally face down Ironman Wisconsin. They race on behalf of the donors to this fund and the children who are its beneficiaries. Peg Lussenden and Judy Bergsgaard, a team of sisters who have trained for three years to make this possible, will swim 2.4 miles, ride a hilly 112 mile bike course, and then run a marathon. We hope you will join us for this amazing event and cheer them on, whether in real time on the course or on-line.

Tomorrow we will take a break from asking for your dollars and ask you instead to celebrate these two wonderful women who are racing for the cause by checking in on their race and sending then “Go Team” messages as you do.

Here’s how to keep track of the Plumpy Nut Racers:
1) Use Judy’s GPS tracking unit to see her progress IN REAL TIME
if you use a web browser or IPhone
if you use a PDA/Blackberry/Palm
2)Track the athletes overall on the Ironman website using their race numbers.
Judy Bergsgaard race number is 2647
Peg Lussenden’s race number is 2667

As you track Peg and Judy, feel free to leave virtual messages for them in the “comments” section of this blog. I’ve turned off comment moderation, so your posts will be real time.

If you live on the course or are out cheering and have access to a computer, please post Plumpy Nut Sightings!!! We want to know where they are, how they’re doing, and whether they are still smiling!!

The race begins at 7:00 Central US, and goes until midnight. Let’s give our SisterShack some shout outs! These two women are AWESOME!

Thanks to everyone for being part of this extraordinary project! We are grateful to every person who has participated by giving time, energy, creativity, dollars, and, in the case of Peg and Judy, lots and lots of sweat equity! We hope you feel good knowing you are part of an effort that has resulted in saving nearly 350 children’s lives this year, and that you will join us to witness the conclusion of this year’s Plumpy Nut Ironman Campaign tomorrow.

Best wishes,
Meghan and Amber for Team Plumpy’Nut
*and lots of little full tummies of peanut paste called Plumpy’Nut


23 responses to “Track Our Plumpy’Nut Athletes!

  1. watch live

  2. or go to to find the video connection and athlete tracker!I went to terrace but couldn't find J&P in the madness! watched the swim start, so they are on their way and qualifying MSF for $$.amber

  3. It's an amazing thing you are doing Peg and Judy! Stay strong, you can do this. Go Team Plumpy Nut!Lynn Burns

  4. Friend Mo and I watched you both come out of the water…you both were grinning and Peg did a little dance after she got out of her wetsuit!! Adorable! WAY TO ROCK!!a2Watch for them live on the bike at 4:30-5 pm and to finish between 11 pm and 12 central…GOD, they rock!

  5. Go peg and judy!! You can do it–you've got 337 kids rooting you on in their own karmic way–and hundreds more grateful moms and dads and grandparents and siblings and aunts and uncles of the kids whocan get treatment because you are digging so deep today. Huge cheers for you!! –Mary Lynne

  6. Go PEG AND JUDY! You two are our SISTER NUTS and we're so proud of you!Bike it!!!! (I'm watching on both GPS and live!)Meghan

  7. Awesome women! Awesome day! Way to go TEAM Plumpy Nut!-Songbird

  8. from Betsy lawrenceBetsy Lawrence commented on your status:"go go go go go go go !"

  9. We're cheering for you from afar!

  10. judy is approaching Verona and one of my "favorite" hills….suspiciously called "Valley Road"! I am loving tracking you on your GPS JUDY! Hope you are eating lots of good calories!!WHERE IS PEG?a2

  11. 30 MPH downhill on marshview after that hard hill on valley road! Enjoy!! Judy, do you remember the first time we did this last year?? And now you are in Ironman!! Next stop—aid station in Mt Horeb!!go, go, goa2

  12. I am thoroughly inspired. I can't thank you enough for your dedication in your training and raising money for such a good cause. I've gotten an education since I've been introduced to Plumpynut. BRING IT TODAY!!!

  13. Amazing. You are an inspiring woman, and I am honored to know you.337.Three hundred and thirty-seven. Children.

  14. Judy is passing Mt. Horeb (one big long-a** hill there, where she once rode with a bird on her helmet!!) and heading toward the hard hills of Witte Road and Garfoot..Enjoy the downhills, Judy, and eat when you get to Cross Plains! Wish we had some Plumpy Nut to give you!a2

  15. Hey, Judy and Peg!! You are at Cross Plains now, but I think they won't let you stop at the Kwik Trip! Up next, three tough hills—two that locally have famous references to female powerhouses as their nick names. Own the hills!! Be the hills! Old Sauk and Midtown, here you come!!a2

  16. OKAY JUDY!!! You are at Midtown…gosh that hill is a bear! You can do it…and then it's on to Verona and your second loop! We're cheering for you!! Hope PEG is with you!a2

  17. It is so much fun to watch your race on the GPS you have shared with us. Go JUDY! Go PEG! I admire the endurance and fortitude it takes to do this race so this morning I set off on the longest run of my training so far. Well, it was only 38 minutes, but that is a "bump" of 5 minutes in my morning run. It was hard – I thought of you two.

  18. WOOHOO—Judy and Peg's first bike splits were just posetd by Ironman. Looks like those women are staying together!! One loop almost done…only 55 or 60 miles and a lot of hard hills to greet with "Helo, again!" Hope the second loop is easier!a2

  19. I know that little red blinking mosquito bite on the screen probably means a pit stop, but boy does it make me nervous! Hope you two are okay!! Good first loop!a2

  20. Peg and Judy have finished their race, together, at Verona. They report being happy and satisfied and will check in to share the details. I am so grateful they got in the race for us today…It made it possible for 337 kids to live!!! Try putting that medal around your neck!!Way to go WOMEN!! Thanks for your effort and spirit! a2

  21. A2 said it best – hey, try hanging a medal for 337 KIDS from your neck!!!!! Judy and Peg, today was a heroic day for you. Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for being our Plumpy'Nut athletes and bringing life to 337 kids.

  22. Thank you so much for your support!! We could feel it on those "hills"!! I was super happy to finish the swim…I didn't think it was possible (that is why i didn't order the GPS traker). The whole experience was super fun!! We didn't reach the half-way point in the alloted time, so we had to stop racing. However, I feel so lucky to have been able to get on the bike and do one loop. Judy agrees. She was pumped to get out of the water! And she is an animal on those hills. If it wasn't for her problems with her chain, (it fell off 2 times), she probably would have made the cut off time…and would still be riding. (It worked out for me! Dirk was able to bring us both home).I thought of the kids and the moms, during the race. They were an inspiration…what they go through is terrible..what we did was fun. Thank you all for your support and well wishes. It was a blast!! You are all awesome!~Peg (& Judy)

  23. We are currently waiting to bring our little plumpy nut home! We are so proud and honored to be a part of this awesome fundraiser. Thanks to all who had a part in it and for you awesome ladies for putting in the hard work on the course. The results speak for themsleves ladies – 337 amazing children! What an amazing day!

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