Racing for Children Who Are Running Out of Time

Well, it involves more than I can do in one day, but here’s the scoop….Judy and Peg are doing an Ironman Triathalon in WI and I’m part of their support team as they work at winning one unique component of the race – the Janus Charity Challenge. Athletes can fund raise for their favorite charity and win additional funds for that charity thru the Ironman Janus Charity Challenge. This is a really great event, and WE’RE RAISING FUNDS FOR DOCTOR’S WITHOUT BORDERS!

Here’s the cool part, you can read all you want to know about the amazing therapeutic food Doctor’s Without Borders distributes in THIS local article. Yep, I’m quoted a whole heckuva lot.
I’m hoping the NYTimes picks this up 🙂 It’s long, so grab a cup of coffee and learn about Plumpy’Nut. You’ll get the message about why our team thinks feeding stations in famine stricken locations need as much Plumpy’Nut as they can get. I promise, you’ll learn a lot.

If you’re inspired, and I know you will be, donate at this site and help us win award dollars to feed hungry children!

Need some more convincing? EVERYONE who donates will receive a $25 gift certificate from our friend Jeff, at Jeff puts his money where his heart is, and he’s doing this because he believes in ‘pay it forward.’ You don’t have to do anything – he’ll send you the gift certificate just because you donated. Yeah, so donate that Friday night pizza, your week of coffee at your favorite coffee shop, or the little bit of overtime you’ve gotten this week. $40 saves a child’s life. It’s up to you.

If you need another news source, a global news source, to move you to action, read THIS article in the August 3oth “Independent”. The need is now, and the need is critical.

One response to “Racing for Children Who Are Running Out of Time

  1. Meghan- it's not like I have a lot of blog readers or anything, but would it be okay to put a link to this on my blog?

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