Family Photo – Freestyle

    Daddy just home from work…

    Twinkletoes and Songbird hurrying up because they have dance class and are already running late…

    Mommy still in her running gear from the morning and having worn a ball cap all day…

    Waffles worn out after his first day of HS soccer tryouts…

    Quick, wipe the taco sauce off of our mouths, check Blueberry’s face, hair, and shirt, run outside, try to keep baby in one place, and pose for a family photo for our 1 yr. post placement report….uh-oh, Blueberry grabbed a cell phone for entertainment!

    No room for vanity. Tommorow Twinkletoes is getting her wisdom teeth out and then parents and babe are making a quick trip to Los Angeles for a few days….now or never. We’ll settle for now. Freestyle.


    4 responses to “Family Photo – Freestyle

    1. Two things struck me:1. Daddy-O seems to have the photo pose down pat.2. What the heck is the shirt Waffles is wearing?

    2. Hahhahaha..glad you weighed in on Waffles shirt. Volcom something or other. It must be for the young.

    3. Can you believe we're doing our 1 year postplacement report already?? wow!!

    4. was pointed to your blog by a facebook friend – i'll donate for sure. thanks for doing this.had to comment on your commentary of this photoreally really really lovelyisn't life wonderful?thanks for sharing a moment of your lives.

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