It happened. It finally happened. Someone asked me today, “Is this your grandson?”


5 responses to “Ack!

  1. Ack! Ridiculous! What idiot said that?!

  2. Oh no, no, no. Pretty sure you had the right to kick shins for that one.

  3. Did you handle it gracefully as a grandmother would or did you respond immaturely as is fitting for your age? 🙂

  4. Yuk, am actually still waiting for that one! And as I have turned a lovely 45 today, I’m sure it’s coming soon!! Because I very well could be “grandma” (eeww!)

  5. I can relate to that one!!! Ewww not a nice feeling. I get that comment when with I am with my son. People think Mimi is my son's daughter and well, I'm the grandma in tow. My son thinks it's pretty funny. Me, not so much.

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