Every Monday morning we meet our “Ethiopian Family” for happiness and play time. 5 families (5 moms and 7 kids) meet weekly for jumping and wiggling, for talking and coffee and interupted conversation. Blueberry loves these mornings. Our playgroup friends are so special to us. Being part of this group helps “normalize” little Berrie’s experience – being black, being adopted, being Ethiopian, having white parents, having a history that is transcultural and transracial. I feel like this collection of families is part of my nerve center – I need them. They are one of the places I go for “getting it.”
In this picture, Blueberry is attempting to color with his sweetheart friend. This little girl is part of our playgroup, and is one of 2 sisters and their ultra cool and super fun parents. (These are the sorts of parents who see a spider and turn it into a science lesson, stock a freezer full of organic/grain fed meat, and have a huge backyard with a gloriously fruitful garden). Songbird took this picture and called it “Wonderfulness” – fitting.

3 responses to “Wonderfulness

  1. “Wonderfulness” indeed. We’re going to miss you tomorrow!

  2. The oicture AND your comments have brought tears to my eyes…

  3. Where do you guys meet? Maybe Zufan and I could crash the party one day… 🙂

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