Music Is Being Made and So Is A Birthday Cake!

Tomorrow is going to be a full day. First,

Mr. Silly Pants will accompany Twinkletoes in the solo and ensemble competition tomorrow. It’s one of his favorite things to do and I know Twinkletoes loves having a accompainist right in the household. They are playing Poulenc – Sonata for Clarinet and Piano. I love watching them prepare their piece; have a look at how engaged Blueberry is in the music – he stands behind his Daddy as he looks from one to the other, sometimes toddling to the keys to add a few notes of his own. Twinkletoes is an amazing musician, and so is Mr. Silly Pants. So, we’ll be up and out of the house early early, cheering on our daughter/musician and Blueberry’s Daddy.

Then, we’ll be heading home for a birthday extravaganza because Blueberry turns 1 on Sunday. We’re celebrating on Saturday since Songbird has to return to college on Sunday. We’ll have Blueberry Cheesecake, of course. Twinkletoes makes amazing cheesecake, so that’s her task. I’m making a carrot cake in the shape of a car – just for fun. Then, I’ll send one of the kids downtown to pick up some injera,, and Mr. Silly Pants and I will be preparing an Ethiopian dinner for a houseful. We’ll have cake early with some friends. Then, we’ll have a family dinner. We have the 6 of us plus 2 boyfriends = 8 for dinner and I hope some of our birthday guests linger a little past cake time to enjoy some Ethiopian food with us.
The following pics are of our playgroup birthday celebration for all of the late winter and early spring birthdays – and yes, the playgroup is filled with awesome Ethiopian children. Playgroup is Blueberry’s favorite weekly activity. Mine too! Note the helpers blowing out the #1 birthday cupcake, and Blueberry’s FIRST taste of chocolate. A huge shout out to Clare for the delicious cupcakes and the amazing fun and frivolity in her lively home.

2 responses to “Music Is Being Made and So Is A Birthday Cake!

  1. Happy birthday Bueberry!!!With love from Finland

  2. Happy Birthday, precious boy!

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