The Finn’s Top 5

Schwartz loves TV. I mean, he really LOVES TV. He claims he doesn’t get to watch TV like this in Finland. I don’t know if he means he’s not allowed (Sari, is he?), or if he means that he doesn’t have over 500 channels to choose from and 24/7 entertainment options. This is the trouble with Direct TV, there are so many choices. Believe me, Schwartz revels in the TV. He mentioned one day that he had watched 9 hours of television the day before. What??? I don’t know when he’s squeezing in 9 hours after a day at school and daily tennis. But then, I go to bed at 10 PM and I don’t monitor this 19 year old’s habits. He’s on his own. Obviously, he’s got company-the television!

So, here are Schwartz’s top 5 shows. This is what we see him watching, day after day. It’s junk television American style.
Hell’s Kitchen
2 and a Half Men
Family Guy
South Park
special mention: Futurama, JackAss, Superstars of Dance
I’m going to buy this tshirt for him. I’m sure he’ll appreciate my sense of humor. I’m so glad he’s making the most of his time here……Hehehehehehe

One response to “The Finn’s Top 5

  1. Schwartz! Nine hours of televison!?! It is true we don’t have the variety of 500 channels in our house in Finland but it’s not like he’s never seen a TV before! Well I guess that after pretty strict house rules concerning TV during his childhood he has to experience this too.What a nice list of shows… try News for a change:)

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