Doing the Work

And enjoying the result……Home almost 6 months and we’re all really loving life with Blueberry. He’s so fabulous and we’re all so grateful to call him our brother and son. There is a lot of work for us in working to raise a well grounded little Ethiopian boy. The details of international adoption make our efforts full of complexity. This is not an easy path, and I didn’t expect it to be. Many people have blogged about the ethics, the details adopted children face about the early start of their lives (or lack of details), the complexities of identity and belonging, and so forth and so on. I won’t repeat all of that here – so many have done such a good job talking about these challenges. I’d be repeating their words and perhaps not as well. The best I can do is live it every day – and to work on the principles of being an anti-racist parent and a good global neighbor. Sometimes I get stuck – confused – stymied. I’m fortunate to have a smart and savvy community of friends to help me sort out how to navigate “doing the work.” And my beloved is always a gentle and guiding energy.
Today I had breakfast with some friends; we were a table full of people with lively and learned perspectives. We had an amazing 30 minutes of rountable discussion about identity and belonging and ethics in international adoption. We had over 2 hours of conversation about a plethora of other wonderful topics. . The table was FULL of very stimulating perspective. I am one lucky momma. I think this boy is a lucky boy to have such a SMART community embracing his adorable little person.


3 responses to “Doing the Work

  1. Adorable little person is right!! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about belonging, too. Right now A is doing so well, and fits in so beautifully, and seems to love each one of us so much…. but we still will have to be so diligent.

  2. I just showed Blueberry’s pic to my family and my 17 yo son said, “we should have adopted both of them”. Too cute Blueberry. (He does kind of look like Aklilu… just bigger cheeks)

  3. I enjoyed all your recent posts! You are truthful, smart and funny. Keep writing.

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