Mr. Silly Pants Celebrates A Birthday!

I’m a day late getting my thougths about my dear man’s birthday on this page. It’s typical these days – I’m a little behind on just about everything. OK, everything. My days get away from me and my evenings are a blur of trying to grab a little time to wind down and flat out exhaustion. So, I’m late and January 18th is a very important date; Happy Birthday Mr. Silly Pants!

Mr. Silly Pants was born the 3rd, last, and only son, to his pastor father and nurse mother. He was born in South Dakota but his family made their long time home in WA state – in a little town that is the stuff of Americana. Raised in faith, in kindness, a strong work ethic, and surrounded with enduring love, Mr. Silly Pants truly grew from boy to man with “goodness” both embracing him and eminating from him. Really, he’s that kind of man – he’s good. His goodness is the part of him that matters the most to me. By that I mean, no matter where we are in conversation, negotiation, or disagreement, I always feel anchored in knowing his goodness and his kindness.
Mr. Silly Pants brings these, his strengths, to my life too. I am under his influence. Let me illustrate: there have been several times that I have struggled mightily with someone (or something) in his presence. Often these struggles have involved the possibility of me “giving someone a piece of my mind” in a way that might have been warranted, but might also have served only to let off my personal steam but would not have been relationally productive. In these moments he has gently said to me, “think about who you really want to be in this moment.” After screaming, “ugh, I hate it when are so smart like this” I give into the obvious higher road of tenderness and kindness. This is my beloved’s truest gift. I feel lucky. Incredibly lucky.

I am a better person under his influence. I dare say, his presence is good for all of us. My older children love Mr. Silly Pants. While they have a father (who is a good father), Mr. Silly Pants has brought light and liveliness into our shared home. (OK, and a big TV, and the boat, and a generous love of boy things that my boy, Waffles, surely enjoys!). What I love, though, is that he has brought evident love back into our home – it is deeply gratifying to have children in our home witness our love and comittment.

And, he IS an adoring daddy to our sweet Blueberry. Our family has grown in love and in size and in dynamic and in true compassion with Blueberry as our sweet son and brother. Mr. Silly Pants brings all of his goodness and kindness into our precious boy’s life, and I am so grateful to share the parenting of our boy with him.

Did I Mr. Silly Pants is a gifted musician, can drywall, knows how to direct a choir, delivers babies as part of his job, can do the wiring in the room we are refinishing (he’s refinishing, not we), cooks the best ribs, wields a drill masterfully, and gets choked up over his favorite romantic music? He also rides a motorcycle, captains our boat, enjoys tennis and downhill skiing, and can talk your ear off about sports medicine. He’s also in charge of all of our household technology.

I guess they grow them like this in families in Washington?

I love Mr. Silly Pants. I cherish my life with him. We’ve been together for 3 years and we’ve only been married since October – but I’ve surely known him in my heart for longer. Our hearts are wise together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. SILLY PANTS!

3 responses to “Mr. Silly Pants Celebrates A Birthday!

  1. How beautiful. I’m glad that you found each other.That last picture is, well…WOW.

  2. What a lovely guy…I hope my little Washingtonians grow up to be just like MSP. 🙂 p.s. He didn’t grow up on Whidbey, did he? That would be too small world.

  3. Very cool. Love the last picture. Very sweet!

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