The Pit

No, not the money pit.

No, not the pit of my stomach.
No, not Brad Pitt (although I thought he was great in Burn After Reading)
Nope, not a cherry pit.
I’m talking about a mango pit. In our family the mango is a greatly desired fruit. We take turns getting the pit and the pit is always such a treat. For the first time ever, it was Blueberry’s turn. He knew JUST what to do with the pit. YUM.

Speaking of the pit, we’ve been in the pits of hell with some awful sleeping behavior by Blueberry. I think it has gone on about 3 weeks – although it could be longer. Sleep deprivation is wrecking havoc with my memory and every thing else (ifyaknowhatimean!). Blueberry goes to bed a 7:30 and is waking fitfully and earnestly nearly every 2 hours. We think that he really demonstrates his grief/trauma in his sleeping – but we’re not sure. It could be something else. There is no ear infection. We’ve checked to make sure the giardia is gone. We’ve changed him to soy formula to rule out lactose intolerance….and we’re about at our rope’s end. I have an ever present small but bothersome headache on account of not enough sleep. So we are going to really grind through this weekend with some new ideas. Actually, they are old ideas like put him to bed earlier and maintain strict consistency with naptime and bedtime ritual. We also received some great advice (and some consoling words) from our forum friends about helping our sweet baby develop good sleep habits. I figure I’m pretty good at all of this, but hearing the strategies framed slightly differently have helped us dedicate ourselves to making some progress this weekend. On that note, Blueberry is in bed and asleep already tonight.
There is other news under the acacia tree, but I’ll save it for another post. In the meantime, I hope to replenish my sleep and continue the mad rush to babyproof the house. Our little guy is ON THE MOVE!

4 responses to “The Pit

  1. Oh mangoes. Yummy in the tummy, icky on the bummy. Both my girls loved pureed steamed spinach and mangoes. Not liquified pureed. More like applesauce. A tasty treat to make them smile and a shot of serious nutrition to make use smile. I am so, so, so sorry about the sleep. Hopefully he is just having the new trick sleep blues. When Figs learned how to walk she would stand in her sleep for a week or so. It drove us both bonkers. She was so mad at whoever had the gall put her on her feet in her sleep. Poor kid. Wish I had some magic trick up my sleeve, but alas, I do not. Best of luck me friend.

  2. Oh my gosh! I always thought of the mango pit as a problem to cut around!! Yahoo a great new idea!

  3. I hear ya on the babyproofing!!!Currently our tv/stereo equipment is in a cabinet (which is rubberbanded shut but he loves to grab it and shake it) BUT dh just ordered a new (gasp!) OPEN shelf system with a “well, we’ll just have to train him”……YIKES!!!Did I sign up for this….AGAIN???LOL!

  4. At our house the fight is over the “pineapple bone” -the core of a fresh pineapple.I love his cheek splitting smile!

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