Quad of Joy

Joy Joy Joy Joy – 2009 is starting off with a lot of smiles. This morning was our last morning all together before all of the kids went back to school. Songbird had to head back to college for 2 weeks of intensive swim team practice before spring semester begins. Waffles and Twinkletoes headed back to high school and Blueberry, well, he’s going to miss having the adoration of his siblings at his side all day long. Me too, me too.

5 responses to “Quad of Joy

  1. Awwww! That’s the first time I’ve ever seen all your kids together! That is the sweetest picture!

  2. Your family is so cool! I also really love your made up code names for everyone. Did they make up their own names or did you assign them? You make having teenagers seem fun (I need to remember that for future reference in about 13 years! oh my!)

  3. Ok, this needs to be blown up to about 16 x 22, framed and hung in at least 3 rooms of your house. what a great shot.

  4. mindy – Mr. Waffles chose the names for everyone – contingent on their agreement. The names all have meaning: Blueberry has a bevy of knicknames, but Blueberry was one from the start. I picked Ms. Plum for myself – referring to my womanly shape :-), Waffles named himself because his last name sounds like that all mashed together, Schwartz is named because he talks like Arnold Schwartzenager, Twinketoes is an amazing ballroom dancer, Clementine eats clementines ALL the time, and Songbird got her nickname at birth because she made a bird like sound. Finally, Mr. Silly Pants sounded nicer than Mr. Smarty Pants – but he’s both – smart and silly. Thanks for asking!

  5. What a great picture! Can I link your blog from mine? I love your posts!

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