Ramen for Jesus

Today we celebrated Rosca De Reyes under the direction of Clementine. He introduced us to this Mexican tradition in which Epiphany is celebrated with a cake in which are hidden little plastic babies. The babies are tiny, white, plastic dolls symbolizing baby Jesus. There were 4 babies hidden in our cake……*dramatic pause*

Every person must cut their own piece of cake and then slice the cake open to see if they received the little baby in their piece of cake. If so, the person must cook for all who are gathered again on February 2. He also explained the recipeint must dress baby Jesus as well as it is unlucky to leave Jesus naked. Clementine tells us that Mexicans love any excuse to party!

We all cut into the cake with delight and anticipation – wondering what does this baby look like, how big is this baby, who will get the baby? Our biggest laugh was the thought that Schwartz might get the baby. Schwartz doesn’t cook – except to make Ramen. Ramen all the time. Did you know you can buy 30 bags of Ramen on sale for about $3? That’s right – and Schwartz loves Ramen. He was nervous when he cut into the cake, because if Schwartz got the baby, it was going to be Ramen for Jesus and Ramen for the rest of us. (Gads, I haven’t eaten Ramen since college!).

Well, the only person who got the baby was Clementine. I am so looking forward to his cooking on February 2nd. The rest of the cake sits in our fridge – we couldn’t finish it. He was a good sport and promptly found some felt and dressed baby Jesus in a poncho. Jesus is lucky to have a guy like Clementine in his life, and vice versa.


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