Boy report

“We’re exhausted.”
“We shot cool video of me dropping 15 feet off of a rock.”
“It’s awesome.”
“We’re heading to Vail tonight.”
“Schwartz is an awesome skiier.”
“I’ll take some motrin tonight and I’m drinking a lot of water.”

The boys are clearly having a blast. It makes me happy to have such great kids and to be able to provide such fun for them. I am so grateful to Mr. Silly Pants for being so generous in spirit and material with all of my (our) children. He said to me as I planned this rather extravagent trip for the kids, “we’ll spend this money joyfully for them.” I’m the lucky one. I’m going to thank him tonight when he gets home by taking him out to a lovely wine bar and telling how much I adore him.

Good thought, eh?


2 responses to “Boy report

  1. Hi!Finally I found this blog…took me only four months.My latest mistake was to create by accident my own blog! Well I try to work on to delete it. With my skills better not to start one. But I’ll be following your blog from now on regularly. This is exciting!!With lots of love from Finland,I guess I’m “Schwartz’s” mom!!!

  2. Wow! Have spent a good hour reading your blog. It’s great to read about your wonderful family! I admire also your will to help and look after the ones who are not so lucky.I have to thank you once more having taken our “Schwartz” to be a part of your family this year. He has loved every moment of his year so far and this trip to Colorado must be a trip of a lifetime!!!There was one country missing from everyone else’s list in the family besides the mother – can’t wait to see you all in Finland! I guess it’s our turn to host an american next!

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