I Peeled Grapes!

About 18 years ago I remember seeing someone feed their infant peeled grapes. It might have been my sister. I remember thinking, “wow, that is really over the top!” Guess what I did today? I PEELED GRAPES this afternoon for my sweet son. Yes I did. I peeled the grapes with my bare hands and then fed them to him, gursha. OK, so I’m now in the “I indulge my child” club. I hope the big kids don’t feel gipped since I never did it for them, and in fact, I scoffed at it!. But today as I stood at the counter peeling grapes I was totally aware that I was deliberating on my “over the top” opinion – and I kept on peeling them for darling Blueberry. Yeah, I peeled grapes today.


3 responses to “I Peeled Grapes!

  1. I found myself doing the SAME thing last week for my sweet 9 month old son. Peeling grapes is a labor of love!

  2. I tagged you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. How sweet! I haven’t done that since my first:) I think I’ll try it soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

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