Today I celebrate my oldest child’s 20th birthday!

That’s right – Songbird is 20 YEARS OLD today! She is called songbird because when she was a tiny baby she used to “sing” like a little bird – and so this knickname has been hers from the start. I love this daughter; she is such a joy. She giggles and smiles all the time, has a great sense of humor, loves to be outside, is a terrific athlete (she swims and plays softball in college), and is truly the “old soul” in the family. Songbird is deeply compassionate and sensitive. Everything she does is done from a place of feeling – of kindness and tenderness. Some days I think this must be a burden for Songbird, but she carries herself with such grace and wisdom that her tender heart sings more than it aches. Somehow her wisdom and kindness is matched with strength and fortitude. This is why we all love her company – she is our “yes” girl – yes to walking in the woods, yes to watching a movie, yes to playing a game, yes to adventure, yes to friendship, yes to cuddles and hugs (although she doesn’t really like me to touch her feet, and I’m a foot person!).

Songbird celebrates her 20th birthday at college today, where she is studying anthropology and biology. She has chosen a rigorous double major to compliment her talents and her interests. Songbird has done a lot in her 20 years – from traveling to Hungary solo, to an exchange year in Ecuador, to volunteering for a summer of service work in Mexico – add family travels to Kenya and Ethiopia and ….well, Songbird is also wordly! Did I mention she’s a gifted artist and a musician? Yup, this young woman has my admiration and my adoration. She deserves it – plus some.

I have always known that Songbird needs the world, but more than that, the world needs Songbird! I love you, sweet daughter. Happy Birthday!

3 responses to “Today I celebrate my oldest child’s 20th birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday Songbird! I love the braids!! Tamara

  2. Not a single word about her great and shining beauty–there’s so much to write about, how could you fit that in too?Happy birthday sweet songbird–a beauty, inside and out!

  3. I don’t even know you but I love your family!!! I have my own songbird – my cousin who is also 20 and in college, I can only hope that everyone has a songbird in their lives. I actually got teary eyed when I read this post. You are a lucky lucky mama (and I’m sure you know that).Shawn in Boulder, CO

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