A new morning – Barack and the Judge’s Chambers

We are so excited to awake this morning – a new morning. This is, indeed, a great day. America is a place where the dreams of our founders is alive, our democracy works, and we are have brought CHANGE to America!

And you know what? Blueberry will be in the judge’s chambers this morning where his readoption will be completed. THIS is a new morning. We head off to the courthouse with a lighter step and a renewed spirit. This is a family for our times – and I gotta say, I’m super excited about this wonderfully strong First Lady! And our little boy will grow up with our President, Barack Obama.

3 responses to “A new morning – Barack and the Judge’s Chambers

  1. Congrats about the readoption!!!We LOVE the Obama family! We are so so so very happy today! Words cannot describe it.Theresa

  2. Congratulations on this special day! I fell asleep thinking, Thank you, Thank you, for making it just a little easier to raise my son. Wish I could send all voters and volunteers thank you notes, but maybe just a big one to President Barack Obama?

  3. I just have to comment that I don’t believe in coincidences. Complete readoption, Obama’s victory. Both official on the same day. Gotta be a sign.

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