A full table for Indian Summer

This is the best week of the fall season. Our table is full – every child in our family is here this week; Songbird, Schwartz, Twinkletoes, Mr. Waffles, & Blueberry. I love it! It’s a gorgeous fall in Wisconsin. We’ve had some unusually warm days. Schwartz keeps asking me if this in normal weather for Wisconsin as the report from his home country, Finland, is it is already feeling like winter. There are always days like this, but there seem to be more this fall season. This is nice for me – since I like to be outside with Blueberry as much as possible. He loves being outside, touching the leaves on the trees, pulling at blades of grass, and visiting the pond where all the geese are honking and paddling around. It’s nice for Schwartz since he can play tennis outside. Twinkletoes went with a bunch of friends to the orchard today – we have a HUGE bag of apples in the kitchen. I’ll be making apple crisp tonight, I’m sure. Schwartz will love the dessert, especially if we serve it with icecream. This boy eats TONS of ice cream. The other day he told me to buy the cheapest I can find because he doesn’t want to worry about eating so much of it. LOL! (OK, so no more Ben and Jerry’s – he’s not impressed!)
This is a particularly lovely week because Songbird is home for fall break. It is always so wonderful to have her home. She’ll be good company this week for me – and she and the dog are pals – he’ll be extra tired this week which will mean I will have less doggie discipline to manage. I have to admit, I have such fun hearing about her college courses and discussing all the cool things her hard working mind is exploring. I love to talk with her as she delves deeply into her own intellectual identity. Finally, Mr. Waffles is wrapping up his soccer season, working hard, and making plans to join the HS ski club. Whew – Mr. Waffles is busy!

OH, and our wedding rings are ready on Wednesday! Yeah! We exchanged rings from our parents on our wedding day – but the rings we designed have been cast and just need a little gem adjustment this week. Mine has a blue saphire (birthstone) and Mr. Silly Pants has a family diamond and 2 garnets (birthstone). They should be very nice as they are designed with a celtic infinity knot, mine is white gold and his is yellow gold.

To sum it up, this week EVERYONE is at the dinner table. It’s the kind of week I love. It’s the kind of week I built with this family. Mr. Silly Pants and I are so lucky.


One response to “A full table for Indian Summer

  1. I love the nicknames you have for your fam! I also love the excitement you have for life it is so refreshing to read your blog and remember that life isn’t always so bleak (the economy).

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