Thinking and Talking about Ethiopia

I’ll be on the radio tonight (WORT Access Hour). Amber and I are going to talk about Ethiopia and to discuss global and social justice. The question remains: how do we become good global neighbors? I will blog more thoughtfully about these things when I have some space to do so….at the moment, little blueberry is my number one priority and I’m pretty busy making a multitude of adjustments involved with welcoming a baby into our home.

I’m feeling like it’s time to ramp up my thoughts here on the blog, but it’s hard to craft the time to put down in words what my head is thinking all the time. For now, I hope some of the images of Ethiopia we took during our travels are compelling. Check out the shoe shining – how does a country address 45% unemployment. As one man told us, “Right now, education=frustration.” I worry when I hear this, but I get it. I get the desperation. Later, I’m going to introduce Richard. Richard has a dream. Check back to hear about him.


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