Goats and Plumpy’Nut?

How are goats and Plumpy’nut connected? Read this NYTimes article to learn how it is TRULY possible to change a life with one act. That one act can be a goat, or it can be access to life saving nutrition. I am a believer. If I weren’t, I wouldn’t be working so hard on the Janus Charity Challenge.

If you need a little more transparency after reading my next entry (about the Plumpy’nut fundraiser), you can go HERE and donate directly to MSF. These donations “count” in our total fundraiser – and remember, Janus is going to give the top fundraiser additional donations to their charity! We hope to win the $10K donation for MSF! We plan on it. Yes, I am single minded right now. It’s better than working on ZL’s nursery – believe me.


One response to “Goats and Plumpy’Nut?

  1. Hello again!I´ve been away from my blog, vacation. You asked me where I come from. I studied in Turku and still live in west of Finland. Great that you care for Ethiopia!

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