Our Boy!

I accepted our referral for a little boy! We received the news last week and are elated to share this with the special and supportive people in our lives. Of course, there are more steps to take, and the referral does not makethis boy our son – but it seems likely that all of this will proceed overthe next few months in accordance with the rules of International Adoption.

We are elated – all of us. T did a major victory pump upon hearing about this little boy. We knew he had a HUGE hope for a little brother. A and D smiled hugely and cheered along with T, who made plans to find size 1 soccer balls pronto.

Little “L” is a few months old He has big brown eyes, long spidery legs, luscious lips just ready for our millions of kisses, and his image is completed with little lavendar slippers covering his toes. Our whole family is deeply humbled by the experience of receiving his referral. There is no way to express the complex emotions that accompany the news of “L”.

One thing that is abundantly clear to me is in this moment each of us in this family feels the very best parts of our humanity have been called upon with the referral of “L”. We are prepared to answer the call. There is a shared pledge among all of us is to be better people, to exercise the deepest awareness of the privilege it is to be entrusted little “L”, and to commit our lives more fully to global justice. When I said ‘yes’ to “L’s” referral, I said “yes” to so much more.


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