International Adoptions – some numbers

International Adoption Statistics:
The top 10 ’sending’ countries for 2006 provided U.S. families with 18,290 new children through international adoption. By region of the world, these children are from:
43% from Asia (China, Korea, India)
26% from Eastern Europe (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine)
24% from Central and South America (Guatemala, Colombia)
7% from Africa (Ethiopia, Liberia)

I really hope we get our referral this summer, before the courts close for the rainy season.
It would be a delight to commit my summer to being able to prepare and “nest” for our little one. I will do this anyway, but to do it with an age and gender in mind would add to the fun of preparing for our family referral – I think A and D will love doing some hard core thrift shopping with me with little one in mind!


One response to “International Adoptions – some numbers

  1. I hear you on that one. I’m hoping for a referral by July so we can travel before things shut down in October. Fingers crossed for us both!

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